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Our companies operate both independently and together as a group. In a truly smart building, you will most probably find products from several of the companies within Bemsiq. Our primary customer segment is system integrators, who use our products to design energy and cost-efficient solutions for their customers, Building automation. We also work with utilities and energy service companies, where we deliver solutions for metering.



Solutions for the global automation standard KNX

eelectron is a pioneer within the KNX and DALI technology. Strongly focusing on design and technology, Eelectron has over 25 years of experience in the development of hardware, software devices and solutions for smart building, home evolution, energy efficiency and hospitality applications.

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A North American leader in HVAC sensors

Greystone Energy Systems inc. is internationally recognized as one of the leading ISO registered manufacturers of HVAC sensors and transmitters for Building Automation Management Systems. Greystone have conscientiously established a worldwide reputation as an industry leader by maintaining leading-edge design technology, prompt technical support, and a commitment to on-time deliveries.

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Evolving measurement and control

produal is your high-quality partner for energy-efficient building automation measurement and control. Our wide product offering includes controlling, measuring, actuating, and commissioning, completed with system components. Versatile, precise, and reliable measurements lay the foundation for the growing need for data collection and utilization in ever more digitalized building automation. Measure – be sure.

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Swiss design and technology

sensortec stands for innovative building automation sensor technology. As an independent manufacturer and developer, Sensortec’s sensors cover the full range of building technology requirements. Working with highquality materials and components allows us to locally manufacture our products to the highest quality standards.

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Encompassing approach

S+S Regeltechnik offers high-performance sensor technology ‘Made in Germany’ with added value and security of investment. With a strong passion for quality and precision, we design, develop, program and manufacture all of our sensor devices in-house – for satisfied customers worldwide.

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Your top energy information provider

DENT Instruments design and produce market leading energy measuring and monitoring technology. We provide our customers with “out of the box” tools to help manage their energy consumption, trace energy thieves and facilitate billing. Our products and services help thousands of customers world-wide.

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Sensing tomorrow

ELSYS is your reliable partner for smart building solutions as one of the leading global providers of LoRaWAN sensors. Our sensors are used for indoor climate control, energy efficiency, dynamic workplaces, and much more. ELSYS is proudly known for its quality products, and the goal is to add environment-friendly as well.

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Value in every measurement

Elvaco is specialized in energy connectivity and infrastructure, from meters and sensors to cloudbased systems and services. Our products and services are used for energy efficiency, billing and statistics by thousands of companies around the world.

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