About Bemsiq


Bemsiq is a group of international companies delivering innovative products for building automation and metering. The products developed and sold by the companies in the Bemsiq group are used in a wide range of building applications enabling increased smartness and/or increased environmental performance.

The companies operate on a stand-alone basis. Bemsiq functions as the shared platform for growth, realizing synergies across the companies where they are possible and logical. Bemsiq has high growth ambitions, both organically and through acquisition, enabled through a financially strong owner in Investment AB Latour.

Investment AB Latour



Today, buildings are responsible for 40 percent of the energy consumption and 36 percent of the CO2 emissions in the EU. Our mission at Bemsiq is to accelerate the journey towards smart and climate neutral buildings by offering leading sensor, control and energy connectivity technology on the global market.

The accelerating pace of global urbanization and the increasing number of megacities have led to several new and increasing challenges for cities, putting pressure on the ecosystem and surrounding functions.

At the same time, technology development continues to advance faster than ever, creating new possibilities to tackle the challenges of the world. Smart cities try to adopt these technologies in order to improve life and services of its inhabitants and visitors. Building automation and metering are key elements in making the cities and the buildings of the future smart.

Several technologies are developing rapidly: traditional building automation systems are digitalized at an accelerated pace, and wireless technologies enable easy installation of a large number of communicating sensors and meters. This will lead to a rapid increase of data availability; a treasure trove for advanced analytics to support energy management.

In the long run, Bemsiq firmly believes that digitalized and energy efficient buildings will become a future standard and our ambition is to take an active part in making this a reality.


Bemsiq is a group of innovative and fast-growing companies providing products in building automation and metering. The group is operating in the Nordics, Europe and the Middle East with the ambition to build the most comprehensive portfolio of products within the smart buildings market.

The companies operate both independently and together as a group. In a truly smart building, you will most probably find products from several of the companies within Bemsiq.

Our primary customer segment is system integrators, who use our products to design energy and cost-efficient solutions for their customers. We also work with utilities and energy service companies, where we deliver solutions for metering.

Bemsiq is one of six wholly-owned business areas within Investment AB Latour, a Swedish mixed investment company quoted on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm Large Cap list.


Buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of the CO2 emissions in the EU. The ability to reduce environmental impact of buildings will be key in order to reach set-up climate targets, in the EU and globally.

The products developed and sold by the companies in the Bemsiq Group are used in various building applications with the mission to accelerate the journey towards smart and climate neutral buildings; hence sustainability is integrated in our fundamental business model.

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Robin Drummond

Robin Drummond

CEO Greystone Energy Systems Inc.


Robin was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Greystone Energy Systems Inc. in July of 2015. Prior to joining GES, Robin held the position of Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer within various business units at GTECH in the gaming sector and spent 12 years with Alcatel in sales, marketing and business development. He has over 25 years of experience in Senior Management/Leadership roles. Robin has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree.

Jannica Sjöström

Jannica Sjöström

Group Business Controller


Jannica joined Bemsiq in 2021. Prior to joining Bemsiq, Jannica was the CFO in the Nordic Group EnviroProcess for 7 years. She has also worked as CFO in the privately owned investment company Holtback Group AB for 7 years. Jannica holds a Master’s degree in Industrial and financial management from Gothenburg School of Economics.


Mikael Johnsson Albrektsson

CEO Bemsiq


Mikael has been CEO for Bemsiq since July 2018. Prior to joining Bemsiq, Mikael was working as a Business Development Director and Head of M&A for Investment AB Latour for one and a half year. Mikael has also worked 6 years as an Investment Director at Fouriertransform and 5 years as Management Consultant with Arthur D. Little and holds a MSc in Industrial Economics and Management from Chalmers.


Lisa Åström



Lisa has been HR manager for Bemsiq since 2017. Prior to joining Bemsiq, Lisa worked for Latour Industries and its holdings as HR specialist for 5 years. Following her Master's degree in 2000, Lisa worked as HR specialist with Stena Line and SIBA.

Peter Björck

Peter Björk

CEO Elsys


Peter is one of the founders of Elsys and has been active in Product development, Production, Mechanical Design, and Sales since 2005. Today he's CEO and head of R&D at Elsys. Peter has a Master of Electronics and specialized in embedded systems and has been a Director of Studies in Mechanical Engineering for seven years at Umeå University. 


Anselmi Immonen

CEO Produal


Anselmi has been working as the CEO of Produal since March 2018. He has more than 20 years of experience from senior management in international manufacturing companies. Before joining Produal he worked in the refrigeration industry at Viessmann and with industrial automation at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Anselmi holds a master’s degree in engineering from Helsinki University of Technology.


Tino Schulze

CEO S+S Regeltechnik


As founder and CEO of S+S Regeltechnik GmbH, Tino Schulze has been active in the General Management, Sales, Production, Product Management and Marketing of the company, now part of Bemsiq. Tino has a polytechnic degree in electrical engineering, with a focus on electrical energy technology. Prior to this, he spent four years as Sales Technician for control engineering devices at ALRE-IT in Germany.


Juan-Carlos Furest

CEO Sensortec


Juan-Carlos has been CEO of Sensortec since August 2018. Prior to taking over as CEO in the company, Juan-Carlos was Head of Product Management and Development for 6 years. Before joining Sensortec, Juan-Carlos was working as 3D CAD and PLM Consultant for 11 years in several companies helping customers to digitalize their R&D processes.


Jonas Greberg

CEO Bastec


Jonas has been CEO for Bastec since May 2019. Prior to joining Bastec, Jonas was working as a Business Unit Manager for One Nordic for nine years. After his Master of Science degree, Jonas worked 9 years as a B2B Market & Sales Manager and Product Area Manager with E.ON.


David Vonasek

CEO Elvaco


As a member of the founder family of Elvaco AB, David has been active in product development, operations, general management, sales and marketing since 2000. David entered his role as CEO in 2008 and managed the Latour acquisition of Elvaco in 2014. David has an engineering background and specialized in system architecture of embedded and server systems.