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S+S Regeltechnik acquires Consens GmbH

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S+S Regeltechnik GmbH, part of the Bemsiq group, has signed an agreement to acquire Consens GmbH.

Consens is a developer of devices, sensors, components, testing technology and systems for humidity, temperature, and air quality. The company was founded in 1998 and has 13 employees with head office and manufacturing in Thüringen, Germany. Net sales are estimated at 2.9 MEUR in 2021 with a profit level well above Latour’s financial target.

"We have known this high-quality company for many years, and they will enable a good complement to our existing product offering. We are impressed by their accomplishment and look forward to continue developing the company together”, says Tino Schulze, CEO at S+S Regeltechnik GmbH

“We are excited about joining S+S Regeltechnik. The new ownership gives us the opportunity to continue to develop our product portfolio and increase our industry network”, says Steffen Welsch, Founder and CEO, Consens GmbH.

Gothenburg, February 8, 2022


For further information, please contact:

Mikael J Albrektsson, CEO Bemsiq AB, +46 733 23 3606

Tino Schulze, CEO S+S Regeltechnik GmbH, +49 911 519 4711