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Bastec becomes a part of the Swegon Group

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Swegon and Bemsiq have agreed that Swegon will become the new long-term owner of Bastec. This has its background in the fact that Bemsiq over time has adopted a strategy purely focused on field devices (sensors, meters and connectivity) for Building automation and Metering. All of Bemsiq's other companies are in a different place in the value chain than Bastec, who has a distinct focus on products and services for managing complete buildings. At the same time, Swegon has seen an increased need for expertise and products specifically within building automation controls in its delivery within ventilation. Swegon and Bastec have since a while back collaborated to develop solutions and concepts for joint end customers, which has confirmed the positive opportunity that exists between the companies and led to the conclusion that there is a better strategic fit between Swegon and Bastec.

"It is of course with mixed feelings that we hand over the ownership in Bastec, but I am very proud of the journey we have made together with Bastec and can happily hand over a strong and well-positioned company to our sister company Swegon. Recent discussions between Swegon and Bastec make me completely confident that this partnership gives Bastec and its employees the absolute best future opportunities. We wish both Bastec and Swegon the best of luck and will follow the development closely and with great interest.", says Mikael J Albrektsson, CEO Bemsiq AB

"It feels very positive and exciting for Bastec to take the next step in our strategic growth journey together with Swegon. Bastec has a strong position in the Swedish market for building automation and we see great opportunities to increase the pace of our growth journey, driven by the trends in sustainability, energy efficiency and smart properties, together with Swegon," says Jonas Greberg, CEO Bastec AB.

”The property sector is facing a twofold climate challenge – achieving a radically decreased carbon footprint of the building stock, while maintaining productive and healthy indoor climate for the people within. Combining the unique competences of Swegon and Bastec will make it possible to offer even more competitive solutions to these challenges” says Andreas Örje Wellstam, CEO of Swegon Group AB.

Bastec will continue to operate as an independent company under the Bastec brand within the Swegon Group. Swegon will formally take over as the new owner on June 1, 2023.

For further information, please contact:
Mikael J Albrektsson, VD Bemsiq, +46 733 23 36 06
Jonas Greberg, VD Bastec, +46 703 75 57 73
Andreas Örje Wellstam, VD Swegon, +46 727 30 07 61